Blog Assignment #11

Read Why Study Shakespeare, both the main blog post and the one comment after. Ponder. Then respond.

I feel for Jem. He is what a fan really embodies. Without sounding like a lunatic, but a scholar, he basically fangirls about everything Shakespeare.

He starts out with a question then goes on , on how Shakespeare is elevated by society; like his elevation is expected in a regular conversation. he expands and goes on to say how much Shakespeare is the center of literature and everything literature is, proving it with examples. Like how various types of people in different situations turn to Shakespeare as if he was a god. And with this sort of four hundred year old mount, Shakespeare has become respected on levels Jem thinks cynical, “that Shakespeare looks good on a resume”.

I think Rikita’s response just justifies Jem fangirling–I mean–point: Shakespeare is the language of power.

I do love Shakespeare, I can say as much as Jem, but not more; he truly is devoted. i agree with everything and cannot voice it in a scholarly manner like Jem, but can say: I like that guy, Shakespeare, he got it.


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