Blog Assignment #10

Read The Sin of High School English Class. Respond objectively to the piece OR choose and answer 3 prompts from the list below:

  1. What is the purpose of this piece? What is the writer trying to accomplish? Why is this topic important to the writer? To the community?
  2. Who is the intended audience? Who was meant to see/read this when the creator made it?
  3. What is the thesis/message? Is it stated or implied?
  4. What persona (public image) is the writer giving? What kind of feeling does the assigned speaker/symbol reveal?
  5. What kind of logic (evidence or arguments) is used to persuade the audience? What kind of emotional appeal is used to inspire strong feelings, positive or negative?

2. The target audience intended for this piece is high schoolers and educators(English teachers). This piece states truths that many others like the creator have experienced, which would help those to relate to it.

3. The creator’s message was stated and clear from the beginning, even in the title. So, not only does the creator state his disliking high school classic English literature in this piece, but directly in the title. He stresses how much he loved reading before high school and how it all changed for the worst when he was introduced to his English curriculum. The quality, relate-able books he used to read were not found on the list of books he had to read that eventually killed literature for him in his English class.

5. The creator uses personal experiences to persuade the audience. Most of his experiences were relate-able, which made it easy to understand, A point that he kept on stressing, relate-able means understandable, was a key part of this piece. Along with using  relate-able examples, he used frustration, which everyone feels at some point during high school; and that can inspire strong feelings in an audience.


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