Entry 2-My Identity

Personal Quality-Breadth


Breadth-Having depth and broadness, in words and deeds, within the heart and mind.

Ever since I was a little child, I always expressed myself in a deep way. Whether it be the way I talked, perceived things, or what music I listened to, I was told I was being deep. It started with my poems. I started writing poems at about the age of eleven. My Mum would say things to me like ” you’re deep like the sea or space”; like deep purple and deep dish pizza too. I could take any subject, take candy for example, and write about it like it was a poison waiting dormant till there was enough to take over the body and kill it, once eaten. Now, if you really think about it, eating a lot of candy(sugar) can kill you. I would write things that was hard for adults to understand, not because it didn’t make sense, but because understanding it would require thinking on another level. A deeper level. It would make people double think. That became a label for me. It differentiated me from my peers and became something I was and still am proud of being.


My Identity2.jpg

My Mum taught me how to sew at a young age. She used to tell me that its a good skill to learn and not everybody has the equipment. I picked up sewing by hand really fast and managed to make pretty good miniature outfits with my sewing machine. I’m proud of having this skill because my Mum used to make dresses for me when I was young, and the fact that she spent time and effort doing that instead of buying dresses made me feel special; and I want to be able to make my children feel special like that one day.

Accomplishments-First Place

My Identity3

Winning first place for drawing a fairy at a county fair is my favorite accomplishment. I have always been nervous about putting my art on display. My art is one of the things I use to express myself. My art defines me, so I have always been mindful of who sees it or what I put out; in fear of someone getting the wrong impression of me. I was never shameful of my art but rather proud of how different it was to everything else I saw. Entering my fairy drawing was easy to do because fairies aren’t so odd or far out, even then I made it odd. Still I was proud of my oddness. That oddness/authenticity, gained me my first place ribbon. And there were other fairies I deemed just as good as mine or better in some ways, but mine stood out. That accomplishment made me more confident as a person when it came to showing of my art.Art being a big part of who I am.


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