Entry 3-My Credo


My credo is Trust Yourself. I have had many of experiences where trusting myself has been the right thing to do always. As a teenager that was mostly home schooled all my educational life that has stepped into a different world, I learned that if you cant trust people around you, then at least trust yourself. Even if its as small as the choice between carrot cake or lemon pie or opening your heart to something or someone new. If you trust yourself, you will be able to stay confident in the choices you make. For example, when I was a small child there was a group of girls I knew that would “explore” the centers we would have youth programs at. I never “explored” with them. My instinct said to stay put, listen to the rules, and not “explore” where I wasn’t supposed to. I stayed put, for my judgment had never failed me before, but I got bored. I decided to go “exploring” with the girls on an elevator we weren’t supposed to be on. We were immediately caught and the feeling was like a kick in the stomach from within; like I was telling myself “told you so”. I never doubted my decisions again, and never accumulated regrets. If you don’t trust yourself, you will be in doubt all the time, counting on other people’s decisions. As a teenager I know the struggle of figuring out who you are, and responsibility comes right after, so you have to trust yourself. Trust yourself. I really value those words.


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